Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We had a wonderful Memorial Day! I was misty eyed all day thinking about my grandparents, Eilers, Brandon's grandparents, etc.; all the loved ones of ours who have passed and never got the chance to meet Eli. It makes me sad, but I also am encouraged knowing we'll see them all again someday. Brandon put Eli's little flag out on our porch (he's crazy about flags), so when we were outside he would wave it at people going by. He would copy my tone of voice when I'd say "Happy Memorial Day!" even though he couldn't say the words. We went shopping and bought an area rug for the basement. It's starting to look good down there! We'll be eventually getting some hand-me-down furniture from my parents that we'll put down there, and it will truly be a family room! Eli helped me move all the storage boxes (all baby stuff/clothes/etc) out of his future "big boy room" as we call it. Well, actually he helped me throw clothes/socks of Gavins down the stairs that he's ready to wear. He loves throwing things up or down the stairs. Brandon's first week of furlough is in less than a month, so I'm getting everything ready to paint! I will be so excited when his future room is done. Hopefully it will be cute. Blue and airplanes...his two favorite things! We might have to throw in a flag and he'd be set! I'm a little sad because Eli has come down with a cold. He hasn't been sick in over two months, so I'm kind of dissapointed. Hopefully he'll feel better soon. He just has a really runny nose right now but no fever thank God. I haven't gotten to go out with one of my friends in a long time (because they've been sick or busy etc.), so I'm going out to eat with my cousin Ellen tonight before I'm sick! I am Eli's personal snot rag! Luckily, the last 5 colds Eli and I have had Brandon hasn't caught. He can take care of us! Eli is obsessed with running. I have like a million heart attacks a day with him running. I'm constantly saying "SLOW DOWN!". In the house, it's okay but outside on the sidewalk or cement I just hold my breath. BOYS!

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