Sunday, May 24, 2009

Farm living is the life for ME!

We're home from a WONDERFUL weekend at my parent's farm! It was such a refreshing trip. Eli had an absolute blast. He was in heaven. Both car trips were great. I had packed sandwiches, snacks, books, toys, music etc. When we got there we just played outside all evening. He was thrilled to see my family (if I even say the word Grumpa or Granny he always says "BOOM" in reference to a game they always play with him), so all day he'd been excited saying that. Eli loved the wide open spaces. He just roamed around with Brandon and Will all over the farm playing with the cats, dogs, rocks etc. After putting him to bed, Brandon and I went into a bar/restaurant in town to meet up with some of my high school classmates. We had a great date visiting with old friends. Saturday, we had more outside fun! We took Eli to the pond in the pasture behind my parents house. He just went running into the water. He walked the entire perimeter of the pond in the water holding Brandon's hand and splashing here and there. We saw baby turtles and frogs. Eli played outside and with Grumpa, Granny, and Will all day. We also visited my almost grandma in the hospital. Josephine and Gilbert were like grandparents to us growing up. They never had kids of their own and since my dad farmed their land, they adopted us as their own. We've taken Eli to visit Josephine in her apartment several times and she calls him her grandson. She had a heart attack a few weeks back and has been dying in the hospital since. We were so glad we visited her yesterday. It was hard to see her looking so terrible, but the second we walked in she said "You brought ELI!" Considering her memory hasn't been so great since the heart attack we were thrilled. She passed away the night we visited. I'm so glad we got that last visit! We also stepped into the head injury unit to visit one of my childhood friend's dad and my doctor all growing up. He's had Huntington's Disease since my friend and I were in junior high. He actually was better than I expected and later remembered us coming and told my friend we'd been there, so I was really pleased with that. I've always taken pleasure in the fact that Eli's doctor shares the same name...Dr. Barker! Brandon enjoyed riding dirt bikes with my brother. They rode both Saturday and Sunday and had a ball! Brandon enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful back roads around my parent's farm. Today Eli was looking longingly at my Dad riding the 4 wheeler around doing chores, so my dad rode by and picked him up and drove him slowly on the drive way to appease his curiosity. He loved it and kept saying "more"! We had to snap a picture of him and "Eli's Tree". My mom planted a tree for each of us when we were born and always took pictures of us with them as we got older. She's continuing the tradition with the grandchildren. Eli's tree is a red bud that she planted when he was born. He loved his tree and kissed it several times. Eli loved Granny's cooking! He enjoyed her famous bierocks and empenadas. Saturday night we took Eli to my class reunion at a friend's house. He played in the sprinklers with some neighbor kids and got in the pool for a little bit. Brandon took him home to go to bed, and I stayed and caught up with classmates for the next few hours. It definitely turned into a drunkfest, which was very entertaining. After Eli wakes up from his nap, we'll be heading over to my aunt's house for my cousin Angela's graduation party. She's going to Friends next year (great choice might I add).

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