Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gag me!

So, Eli did something extremely weird and gross last night. He was being goofy and discovered that he could gag himself with his fingers. I was horrified when I saw what he was doing and of course tried to stop him (which made him laugh even harder). No such luck. He threw up (luckily just fluids). He thought this was hilarious as well. Brandon then saw what was going on and tried to get him to stop and he would laugh and keep doing it. After throwing up TWO more times he finally stopped. Seriously. We were totally mad. It was just a moment of discovery and luckily he's never tried to pull that stunt again. Sheesh! Horrific parenting moment :-)

We've had a wonderful day today. We went to our favorite local Riverside restaurant The Copper Oven and got scones early this morning (best scones in the whole world might I add), picked up some bird seed (we go through several bags a month), and groceries. Later, we hit Sprint and I got a new phone for free. My screen has been out for like a month, which has been so annoying, and I finally found out that I've been eligible for a new phone for two years...woops. The workers laughed so hard at Brandon's ghetto phone (still has an antennae which they don't even make anymore). He could have gotten a new one for free, but we decided to wait until it starts to die before getting one. Brandon started reading The Shack while Eli slept today. Unlike me, he didn't sob the whole time but is loving it all the same! Here is our first harvest from our strawberry. We all shared it at supper (Eli wanted more, so I was glad I had bought a pack today at the store). Tart, but delicious!

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