Thursday, May 7, 2009

Disasterous morning...

This morning was...well interesting to say the least. First of all, as I was getting ready Eli decided to throw his doggy in the toilet (he lifted the lid before I could stop it). This is the doggy he sleeps with every night and carries around half the day. It barely got wet, but still. I scrubbed and scrubbed it with this babyganics cleaner and hung it outside to dry. Next, my brother and I went shopping at my favorite flower center for my mom's mother's day present. When we went to load everything back in the car I realized I'd locked the keys, both of our cell phones, etc. in the car. Sheesh. I had to use the store's phone to call Brandon at work, although he wouldn't pick up because he didn't recognize the number. Grrrr. Finally I called the front line phones and after waiting on hold for what seemed like forever I had someone go get him. He came and rescued us, but in the meantime Eli found one of about a million puddles and was soaked and muddy from head to toe. At least he had a blast! We had to strip Eli's clothes off before we put him in the car (it's hot today, so we didn't bother putting a new outfit on his muddy self) and I had to throw him in the tub the second we got home. Oh, I forgot the other horrible thing that happened. As I was driving home a bird swooped down in front of the car. I thought I'd missed it, but Will so kindly had to tell me that I'd KILLED it, which was confirmed when I looked back in my mirror. I felt horrible, of course. Luckily, the rest of the day has been great so far! Eli LOVES playing in the watering cans. I always leave some water in them so I can easily water all the newly planted plants while we're outside playing. He loves to throw leaves/dandilions/balls inside and then fish them out. Yesterday, he got completely soaked splashing and such. He just loves water! We've been going through like three outfits on these warm days where we're outside playing all day. We got his sandbox set up last night. He was excited to see it! He noticed his doggy hanging outside, and wasn't too happy when I wouldn't get it for him! I just put him down for a nap without it. I just stuck another stuffed animal in there. He looked at me kind of funny and then just went to sleep no problem.

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