Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Last night we took Eli to the River Festival to get some food and play on the kid stuff. Eli and I shared a vegetarian platter with Veggie Lo Mein and Veggie rice. We both loved it! After eating, we took Eli over to the kids area. There really wasn't much for his age but a couple blow up jumping things. Brandon went with him in one. All I could hear from the outside was Eli saying, "Done! Done! DONE!" I was cracking up. He hated it. Thinking that one was just a little too intense we took him over to this little tiny kids one. He stood in there one second then started in with "Done! Done! DONE!" Brandon and I couldn't stop laughing. He did NOT like the kid stuff. He did enjoy running around, dancing, and going up and down this ramp while we listened to some gospel music. Hopefully next year the weather will be better and we can catch some puppet shows or other kids programs that he would like. It's supposed to rain every day this week, so that was our only chance to go.

Today I about had a heart attack. Eli has learned to climb up and go down backwards on the steps outside the house or other places, but still has never even attempted the wooden stairs inside the house. They are too slippery. I turned my back for one second to put some dishes in the dishwasher and looked back and he was standing on the first step smiling like he'd won the lottery. Scared me to death. Of course after that all he wanted was to go up and down the stairs. I had to put some chairs in front of it until Brandon can come home and put up the baby gate. It helped me remember that we need to carpet those stairs. Crap! Another house project. I was making out the list today of everything we need to do this summer while Brandon is furloughed. No excuses for not getting them done, since we'll have the time. I've got the color picked out for Eli's upstairs room. Speaking of colors...Eli is doing great at his colors. He has this color mat that I practice with him. He can now go and point to and help me put toys on red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple. He's a genius ;-)

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