Monday, September 28, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

I do not even know where to begin to describe how amazingly fun this weekend was! It definitely was the most fun Eli's EVER had! He just was SO joyful and happy. Part of it was being with all the family and part of it was just staying at an amazing place so geared towards kids. We decided on going to KC a day early and staying in a hotel near the wedding. We weren't sure if Eli would sleep in the car on the way to the wedding, so we wanted him to be able to take a nap that day.

Before we left though, I had my first OB appointment. Eli came with us (big mistake), so I hardly remember anything because I was so distracted :-) I had to have the works, since it was my first appointment. They did do an internal sonogram, and Eli was able to see the baby with us, which was neat. He kept pointing at the little heartbeat moving on the screen. Everything looks great! The baby wasn't moving around like crazy like Eli was at his first sonogram (maybe this kid will have Brandon's personality?) One can hope :-) The baby is measuring the correct amount of time. I'll be 8 weeks on the 30th. I'm anxious to find out the results of the antibody test they did because I'm RH- and Eli is positive. I had Rhogam shots to keep me from producing antibodies (that could attack this baby if he/she is positive), but I had read a few stories where they didn't work and the baby had to have multiples blood transfusions in utero. I'll find out on Oct. 15 at my next appointment. Annoying negative blood!

After our appointment we headed to KC. Both trips there and back went great. We used my brother-in-laws DVD player, so Eli could watch videos. I put on some Elmo, and we were good to go! The first night there I went to a bachelorette/wedding party for my friend Amy. It was SO great to see her. She lives in NYC, but had her wedding in KC. The last time I saw her I was pregnant with Eli. We've been friends since preschool. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding! Friday we spent playing at this great play place in Zona Rosa mall, meeting my family at Cabelas so Eli could see the fish, and checking into Great Wolf Lodge. Eli loved the place immediately. He now is obsessed with Wolves. The whole time he wanted to walk around and look at all the wolves on the carpet, pictures, stuffed statues etc. He just kept howling and howling. It was so adorable. My mom took him swimming at the indoor water park that afternoon. We have a video of his reaction when he first saw all the fun water stuff. He was so excited. He loved the slides, playing basketball with Brandon and Grumpa, riding the water snake, watching the giant 1000 gallon bucket dump water on everyone, splashing around, and playing with all the water equipment and fountains. That night we went to the wedding at the Hawthorne House. Beautiful location for a wedding! Brandon played with Eli inside at around in the trees during the ceremony and then we all took turns playing with him during the reception. He did great. We were there 3 1/2 hours and I was so proud of him! There were toddlers all around throwing tantrums etc., but he was very well behaved. That night the rest of the family came. My sister/brother-in-law, and my brother and cousin Sam. All day Saturday we played in the water stuff. Eli was so excited he would literally be prancing to go downstairs. He loved using his "powers" on the elevators. Since this place is a kids resort, there were kids everywhere playing all the games, arcades, etc. We got the biggest kick out of all these kids with wands playing this Master Maggi game where you had to go to all these secret places throughout the hotel etc. Joel, Sam, and Will won Eli a stuffed wolf at the arcade that he LOVES. We kept calling Eli wolf nicknames because he never stopped howling the entire weekend.

He was SO happy to see my family. We shared a suite with my parents. Eli is so in love with all of them! He just kept asking for everyone by name and snuggling, kissing, holding their hands etc. It's so wonderful to see him adoring my family as much as I do! Sunday, we snuck in another hour of water fun before check out and headed out! I was sick last night when we got home because we ate SO much the whole trip. It was great to have every restaurant we needed right next to the resort. Made it so easy with Eli in tow! I am so extremely happy that I felt good the whole trip. Eli slept pretty good and took naps fine, so it made the trip so much better. Brandon and I have definitely vowed to try to take our kids once a year. Even if it's just for a night or two!

The Best time Eli's had in his LIFE!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Enjoying furlough!

We are really enjoying Brandon's furlough this week! The first two days have been awesome! I haven't had any nausea, which has been great. Brandon had a physical for work yesterday. Then today Brandon had a dentist appt., Rica had a vet appt., and I had an eye appt. this morning. I scheduled 5 doctor's appts. this week while Brandon was off work. 4 to go! I had to wrangle Rica at the vet and Eli at the same time. That was interesting. I didn't even think about the fact that Eli would think he was going to the doctor. The second we headed back to the room he started crying. He finally stopped after explaining, explaining, and explaining some more that RICA was getting the check up...and LOOK the doctor is not touching him but RICA! I explained each thing the doctor was checking on Rica and he started to enjoy it. I kind of went crazy and already did Eli's Christmas shopping the other day at Target. I am trying to only get him imaginative play stuff. I got him a food set (he loves feeding us or his stuffed animals pretend things) and a doctor's kit. He loves for Brandon and I to pretend to check him out, so I think we'll have fun with it! I also got him Candy Land. I know he's too young, but he knows his colors so I think next year he would be ready to play! We've spent a lot of time outside enjoying the fall like weather. We had coats on today, but it felt glorious! We went for a walk on the suspension bridge by our house and the Keeper of the Plains exhibit the other day to show my brother the "gremlin/demon/troll" art display that he had never noticed while running down there. I should have taken a's this weird creepy troll in chains under this grate that you walk on. At night it lights up and looks truly freaky. It was fun to let Eli run across the bridge! We've taken a lot of walks around Riverside and to the river to throw rocks in. The ducks/geese I swear are so silly. Even after they realize that Eli's throwing rocks, not bread, they still chase EVERY rock. So funny! Brandon went through a nesting faze today :-) ha ha. He cleaned out the garage until it was spotless. We did some other yard clean up that we never have time for. We took Eli to the mall to run around and run some errands this afternoon. He just loves running around like a wild man and always enjoys the flags, balloons, etc. I'm watching Eli splash around in the tub doing his nightly bath with Brandon in charge. Eli has started putting his face under the water and blowing bubbles (they often teach this in swimming lessons), so I'm glad he's on top of things! We just are in awe of him. He brings us so much joy and is SO affectionate and sweet. I am kissed/hugged/snuggled all day. He really shows me he loves me in return. I'm so grateful! By the way, that's Eli modeling his new coat his Grams sent up from Texas (similar to Brandon's). She also sent the CUTEST pairs of jeans. He was sporting them today!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eli's new words of the week are: Pink (talking about chalk), Chalk (which he says in this hilarious voice), and Bra (said it once and it stuck like glue). I was laughing so hard that he picked up bra. I literally said the word once and he knows what it is now. Friday night we had a pizza party with all my cousins. You have no idea what an amazing childhood we all had playing together non-stop. It's not everyone who is best friends with all their cousins. We had so many sleep overs, parties, etc. We were all so close in age (one kid for every year from age 2-26) now. Now we're all starting with our kids! This picture is of my cousin Megan's baby Luke. Doesn't he make Eli look big? That's saying something! I've had a lot of sickness this week, thus not many posts! Still just nausea here and there. Yesterday, I was SO sick all day. I was afraid I might not be able to sing last night at Meads Corner Coffee Shop, but I ended up feeling better RIGHT before we went on. God was watching out for me! I did warn everyone at the beginning in case I had to run off stage :-) Eli and I went to the park by our house Riverside Park this morning early to cheer on all of our friends (and cousin Ellen) running the 1/2 marathon. Eli LOVES to watch people run. We just watched the start and Eli was clapping for everyone! He loves to run himself...he literally will do laps in the driveway around the car. After the start, we went to the playground with the rest of the kids and had some fun for an hour. These two sweet older kids were helping Eli bounce on the bridge. It's super fun to watch him with older kids. You can tell he's so curious but cautious as well trying to figure them out. After we got home, our neighbor's grandaughter came outside to play with Eli. Olivia and Eli played for a long time sharing sticks, balls, acorns, tickle grass, etc. You can definitely tell the kids who are in daycare vs. home. They are usually so much better at sharing. Eli is doing better and better, but still has issues once in a while. We picked some baby carrots out of the garden. Eli and I had fun digging for buried treasure :-) They are sweet and delicious.

The best moment of my week was when I was playing outside with Eli this stranger pulls up in a truck (I was thinking he was going to ask for directions). He stuck his head out the window and pointed down the street to the next block where he and his wife live. He just stopped to tell me that he and his wife would like to commend me on how much time I spend playing with my son, playint outside etc. He had some other nice things to say but I hardly remember because I was so shocked. It was so nice; I cried when he left. I was having a horrible day and it totally turned it around. It means so much more to hear it from a perfect stranger!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Play day!

This morning I invited all of Eli's friends over (and my friends :-)) to play. Picture 5 toddlers and one baby running around playing! It was hilarious. They were so cute and saying the funniest things. Overall, everyone played very well besides the occasional sharing issue! We played a lot outside with chalk and balls. The kids all ended up staying for lunch. I laughed when I looked over at my friends Tanya and Amy all eating pizza and chicken nuggets with the kids. My, have our lives changed! It was neat because one of our new neighbors that has a little boy Eli's age just happened to be walking by, so I got to invite her in and Jackson got to play with all the kids too. I have been having a lot of moments of nausua throughout the day lately. I had a panic attack in Dillons when we were grocery shopping the other morning because I almost threw up. After shopping there for 5 years, you'd think I'd know where the bathroom was, but I had no clue! My other thought was how in the world am I going to do this with a cart full of food and a toddler??? Luckily the moment passed and I've still yet to throw up. I've found that I really need to keep my stomach full. If I ever let it get even close to empty I'm on the verge of throwing up. Pregnancy is the strangest thing. The only thing I've felt I could eat for lunch the past two days without getting sick was a Lean Cuisine (salsbury steak/macaroni cheese...gross I know). I haven't eaten one since I was pregnant with Eli. Isn't that weird? Exact same food both pregnancies. Maybe that means it's another boy???? Ha ha, who knows! My friend today predicted girl...that'll be the day!

Eli is getting really particular about who he wants to do certain things. He only wants me to comfort or kiss injuries and snuggle, and do his bedtime prayers. He only allows Brandon to play ball with him when he's home from work, and he'll only let Brandon push him in his riding car. The list could go on and on. It's hilarious! Today, when Brandon got home from work he totally rejected anything I wanted to play with him and would point to Brandon saying "DADA!" I went outside to see them and join in the play and Eli kept pointing at Brandon because he didn't want to play with me. I said to Eli, "You don't want mommy to play with you?" and he responded with his version of "YES!" Brandon and I were cracking up. Secretly, on the inside I'm like (THANK YOU GOD!). By the end of the day I'm ready for a break people!

We're getting ready for a wedding trip to Kansas City, so I was trying out some different outfits on Eli (all hand me downs) I just had to buy the tie! Score! He thought he was big stuff. I was melting in his cuteness! In the pictures of the boys playing, that's Seth Horst on the left and our new neighbor Jackson on the right! What fun little boys!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More fair pictures...

Yes, my mom introduced cotton candy to Eli. You could tell he was so confused as to what it was. Luckily he was happy with only 2 bites ;-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, love!

Yesterday, was Brandon's birthday! We didn't have much of a chance to celebrate because our band was playing TWO shows at the Kansas State Fair. I never thought I was going to survive in the morning as I felt SO tired and yucky before we even got there, but once we did the first show I felt great. I have my worst pregnancy fatigue in the morning. The afternoon I'm usually great. We played at a small stage at lunch and at dinner played at a large stage. Both shows went great and we sold like 12 cds! Woo hoo! My mom watched Eli at our house and after his nap drove him the hour to the fair to spend the rest of the day with us. He had a BLAST with her and my dad. Mom got him all sorts of treats and dad took him to see all the animals during our second show. In between, Brandon took him down this giant slide (that most kids his age would find scary) but Eli loved it! He kept shouting MORE MORE MORE!! I swear he's not scared of anything! Brandon also took him on a train ride, which he loved as well. I'll have more pictures soon from my mom to post of his big day. Amy Racchini surprised Brandon with this guitar cake she made. Isn't it so cute! We did manage a few moments to celebrate!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

18 month appt.

Today was Eli's 18 month appt. Brandon was excited to realize that from now on he'll only have a check up once a year at his birthday. Crazy! My baby is a big boy! Eli did very well. It's getting easier and easier. He still cries when the doctor checks him over and when he gets his shots (today the flu shot and Hep), but less struggling. He actually enjoys playing in the waiting room and examining room and tries to show off for the doctor. She was impressed with all of his words and that he knows his shapes, colors, alphabet. She also commented again on what an amazing throwing arm he has. When she was bending all his limbs etc. she commented that he's got very strong muscles. No surprise...his day is full of 100% exercise :-). Here's the stats: Weight: 21/22 lbs (8%), Height: 30 3/4 inches (6%), and Head: 19 (50%). Overall, he's doing GREAT! He was glad to get a cat band-aid. We took him for broccoli soup at Panera afterwards as a treat. He was so proud of himself. Brandon and I have been secretly cracking up lately because if Eli gets mad at Rica or other kids (like they take his ball etc.) he says "DUH!" at them. It is hilarious. Sometimes Rica and Eli antagonize each other. She'll jump up on him and he'll try to hit her saying "DUH!". You can see it's just like two siblings would...trying to annoy each other.

Yesterday, we got 6 inches of rain. An inch an hour. What a MESS! Eli and I were stuck inside all day and we almost went insane. I couldn't drive anywhere because of the storm and flooded streets. It took all my creative juices to think up activities for us to do all day. I printed out a bunch of Halloween coloring pages/shapes and cut them out for Eli to color. As soon as it's appropriate to decorate for Halloween than we'll tape them to the windows all around the house. I've also been gathering Fall leaves already. Hoping to make some leaf window hangings with Eli one of these days! We always enjoyed doing this as kids. I always am thinking back on crafts/activities my mom did with us.

The only pregnancy symptom I've had so far is fatigue. I have a crash EVERY day at 7:30 a.m. It's the weirdest thing. I get up around 5:30 and at 7:30 every morning I can barely keep my eyes open. It's been rough. I've tried to eat a snack or drink a cup of decaf tea to give me a boost. I've FORCED myself to lay down at the beginning of Eli's nap for at least a 1/2 hour to sleep/rest and get some energy built up for the afternoon. It has really helped and keeps me going. I've had two pregnancy cravings so far. One is the exact same one I had with Eli. Mini-whole wheat bagels and cream cheese and yesterday I wanted a chocolate chip cookie so bad I thought I was going to die. I knew if I made some homeamade I'd eat the whole batch, so Brandon being the best husband in the world ran and got me 1 cookie after Eli went to sleep. He rocks!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bum Genius!

After having that one bad day of sickness, I've been great! Just a little exhaustion here and there easily fixed by a 15 minute nap during Eli's nap. It was so precious last night because I asked Eli..."Where's the baby?" and he pulled my shirt up to point at my belly button (ha ha) and then reached down and kissed my stomach. It was so precious because I didn't prompt him to do it. He just decided to on his own. I'm extremely excited because our friends/guitar player in our band's wife Amy Racchini is pregnant too. We litereally are going to have the same due date! She has Eli's friend Ethan who is only a few months older than Eli. Perfect! I got a few Bum Genius organic cotton diapers to try out on Eli to see if I like them. I REALLY like them. I don't want to only use cloth diapers, but they would save some money/landfill space if I used them while I'm home. The other reason I thought it might be good is to transition into potty training in them. Kids in cloth diapers are potty trained 18 months sooner than kids in disposables because the disposables do such a good job of pulling the urine away that kids can't tell when they've peed. It's really true with Eli. When he doesn't have a diaper on he can show me that he's going to pee (like in the bathtub etc.), but I can tell he has no clue when he has a diaper on. If you're wondering about the grossness of dealing with poop....newborn poop is just washed in the washing machine like normal. Once they're Eli's age, you put these little thin liners in (like dryer sheets) and when they poop you just pull that little liner off and throw it in the toilet/trash and it's gone. You don't have to deal with a nasty diaper. I went ahead and ordered two more in a light green. Notice how I'm going gender neutral, so they can be used for the next baby! This diaper costs $25 and lasts from newborn to 35 lbs (Eli's only 22 lbs). If you notice all the snaps on the front you can see that it can snap into a really small diaper for a newborn. Of couse I wouldn't use these for a newborn until they were around 3 months and diaper changes are slowing down. This diaper doesn't have a liner or anything. It's all in one, so basically like a disposable you just wash instead. I did have to buy a different kind of organic detergent that was suitable for cloth diapers (free of all fragrance/additives etc.). The only annoying part of cloth diapers to me is that I have to wash them twice (once in cold and once in hot) and these diapers because they have built in liners take two cycles through the dryer to get them dry. I just try to put it on extra small load so it's not wasting water.

This morning we took Eli to play at the mall and then off to Bradley Fair to shop. We FINALLY found Eli a Halloween costume. Good luck finding a costume for kids who don't like wearing hoods/hats. I've looked everywhere and couldn't really find anything that didn't have a hood. At Gymboree they had a pair of glow in the dark skeleton pajamas that Brandon thought would be so cute for a costume. I totally agreed. Comfortable but cute! I hope they still fit him by Halloween. If not, he has a super cute pair of pajamas! We at at Jason's Deli. I was super impressed with their kids meal. Eli got a grilled cheese on whole wheat, fresh pinapple/strawberries/cantaloupe, and organic whole milk. He also shared my broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. He scarfed it down! I always like to find places that Brandon and I like with healthy kids menus. Looking forward to talking to my OB tomorrow at church!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Well, my pregnancy is starting out identical to my beginnings carrying Eli! My intestines are in constant turmoil :-) So far I haven't thrown up, but oh my word. There are some rumblings going on in my stomach. Brandon even put his ear to my stomach last night because I knew it would bring back some memories. He exclaimed he hadn't heard that since my last pregnancy! My whole issue with my last pregnancy was having the runs :-( Well, this one has started out like that as well. I'm figuring out how to be the best mom possible while feeling sick. So far, I've managed well. I even went out to eat with my brother/cousins last night and ate hummus and still felt good! Woo hoo! I figure I can feel sick at home or feel sick elsewhere where I might be more distracted and forget about it. Eli will already point to my belly if we ask where the baby is. And if you ask him if he wants a boy or girl of course he says BOY! Considering he can't say the word "girl" it's no surprise.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Check out Eli's SHIRT!

I'm really excited to announce that Eli is going to be a BIG BROTHER!!! We are SO pumped! I surprised Brandon by putting Eli in this shirt before he got home from work. Brandon walked in, mentioned Eli's new shirt, and then went about his business playing/talking with Eli. I started laughing SO hard. I finally said after like 10 minutes. READ THE SHIRT! Brandon was so excited and kept saying, "I'm an idiot!" Yes, exactly. I think my due date will be around May 13th! Just praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby! I'll always be slightly nervous until I get through the first trimester. Thank you God for a second blessing!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sick little boy!

Just a quick post asking for prayers for Eli! He started acting like he felt terrible yesterday and had a fever last night. It was so sad; he kept pointing to his head trying to tell me it hurt. He got a good night's sleep last night but still had a 100 fever this morning (and kept trying to show me his throat hurt) so we headed to the doctor. She said he doesn't have strep throat yet, but his throat looked like it was on the we got some antibiotic and should be good to go. Poor little guy. He's really clingy to me and just wants to lounge around the house (which is NOT normal for him). Strep throat is going around here like crazy. A lot of my friend's kids and Brandon's coworkers have had it. I was a little worried about H1N1, so was actually a little relieved for it to be a throat issue (considering I saw on CNN that 350 students at KU are sick with H1N1). Eli was supposed to have his 18 month appointment Thursday, so I rescheduled it for next week so he can get his regular flu shot etc. when he's feeling better. I have a feeling it is going to be a ROUGH Winter. I'm scared that we're all going to be trapped at home away from all the sickness. I guess all we can do is watch and wait!