Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Here's Eli's sign that he colored for our door using markers. Brandon loved it, of course! I've never let him try markers, only crayons, but he did a great job! Here's a video of Eli doing his "ninja" sound. He also says it when he sees a guitar (we're not sure why). I've really been working on steps and stairs with Eli. Teaching him to go down backwards and to crawl up instead of just stepping up. Today when we went upstairs to play I made him go down the stairs on his own backwards helping him along. He's going to have to learn, since his future room is up there! I'm still debating on a color for his room upstairs. Blue is definitely his favorite color, so we'll probably go with blue or teal. I found a few colors that I really like; I just can't decide! I went and got our band's Wichita River Festival buttons today. We're playing there Sunday 6-8:45 p.m. I'm excited to get to take Eli to the kids area sometime next week. They have little rides, puppet shows, etc. It will be a fun outing for us all! The Chow Mein recipe I made last night was AWESOME! I'm going to post the recipe it was so good!

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