Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mom, a Carni!

What a fabulous weekend! We didn't have anything major going on, so we got to enjoy our time as a family and make our own fun! My aunt Paula (my dad's brother Ed's wife) was nice enough to come over after Eli was asleep last night and stay with him while we watched the huge fireworks show at the end of our block on the river. My cousins Megan, Ellen, Angela, and Sam joined us. It was great! We snacked on cookies and hot chocolate. Today we went to church and after playing in the lobby for a little bit, Eli headed down the hall to his class on his OWN and went in excited to play with the kids. They said he whined a little bit, but for the most part had a great time. When I peeked in at the end of church he was just playing away with the other kids. He did spill his drink on himself though. He can drink out of a cup really well here at home, but they give the kids dixie cups with just a little bit of water (he's in the big boy class...probably one of the youngest) and he wasn't used to one that small. She said it takes a couple weeks and they can handle the small cup. Later we took Eli to a carnival in the mall parking lot. Unfortunately, he wasn't tall enough to do any of the kiddie rides (that we thought he'd be able to....probably will be the story of his life), but he did ride the carousel twice and loved it. He loved watching all the crazy rides with people going upside down etc. We hit the park after feasting on another deliciously grilled meal from Brandon (he made the best grilled chicken I've ever eaten last night, and amazing steaks tonight). It was so incredibly crowded. Eli had fun, but it was so much work to keep him from running into other kids or getting trampled. When I go during the day or meet my friends there is no one there. I just made a Lasagna for supper tomorrow and am off to bed aka my SANCTUARY!

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Lacy said...

Does that boy ever stop smiling? He's precious.
Too bad about the rides,now our behemoth of a child has the opposite problem.
"He's only five?!!! He's too big to be five!"