Thursday, May 21, 2009

The basement is finished! YAY! The guy said in all 35 years of doing tiling, this was one of the hardest jobs he's done. It was just really hard to get it even and looking great because of how uneven the cement floor was. He did an awesome job! I'm dying to get down there and clean and have my basement back functioning! We've always used the family area as a play room, so it's been hard for me to not have that available since the rains a month ago. I thought you would enjoy Eli's "whine face". Sure is cute in the picture, but quite annoying in person ;-) Whenever I'm cooking or on the phone he whines the entire time. Ask Brandon. It drives me NUTS! He was checking out his new shoes, testing them to make sure they were up to par. He is going to go through shoes like crazy because we spend so much time outside. We're heading up to Minneapolis tomorrow for my class reunion. Some of us are meeting Friday night (after Eli will be asleep) at the Blue Moon downtown to eat and then Saturday night meeting at a friend's house to have dinner together. I'm hoping it won't be a drunk fest (Am I the ONLY person in the world who doesn't drink or party????) Sheesh! It will be fun to catch up. We haven't been up to the farm since the weather has warmed up, so I'm looking forward to Eli having wide open spaces! He's going to love the kittens...since he constantly is meowing and loves to play "cat hide and seek" where I'm the cat and he is the kitten and we meow until he finds me and then I attack him hissing (he loves it). Speaking of that. A very creepy thing happened the other night. I have been known to talk/walk and do weird things in my sleep (ask my mom and sister). I remember them telling me one time I was shouting "5 cents for a pickle!"...seriously. Strangely, since I've been married I haven't done anything weird and I've only talked a couple times (Brandon has talked in his sleep a few times too). The other night Brandon was laying awake and looked over at me asleep and I opened my eyes, sat up, leaned over his face and clawed at him with my hand hissing (never touching him). Then just laid back down asleep. He thought I was awake and joking with him until he told me about it the next morning. Then we were both freaked, until I demonstrated the same thing I do with Eli when we're playing the cat game, and he said that was exactly what I did. Good to know I was only dreaming of playing that game with Eli and not demon posessed...ha ha ha! I'm praying for a wonderful weekend at the farm!


Louise said...

I love the basement!

Louise said...

I love it!