Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Park fun!

Today, Eli and I met my friend Tanya and her two boys Seth and baby Jesse at the park by our house to play. Before they arrived, I hung out with our old neighbor who happened to be there with her two boys! It was great to get some friend time! Eli loved climbing from the very bottom of the play equipment clear up to the top (after climbing several sets of stairs) and then ending at the really tall slides, which we'd go down and start all over again! Last night Tanya's husband Chris, who used to be Brandon's roommate, called and they went to see the new Star Trek. They both really liked it and Brandon had fun with the guys! I was miserable all night and half of today because I had a clogged duct. I could hardly sleep. I've had quite a few since Eli was born, but nothing like this before. It was SO painful. I tried pumping, nursing etc. but I couldn't clear it. Finally, when Eli was nursing before his nap I had instant relief. Ah. It definitely set a new tone for the day. Eli loves beets. I'm growing some in our garden just for him. Last night we couldn't stop laughing because he was scarfing down some beets with his meal and I called him "Little Mose". If you've ever seen the t.v. show The Office, you'll know who I'm talking about. He has a beet farm and is rather strange. Poor kid...he didn't even know his mother was making fun of him ;-) ;-) Eli's been going through clothes, shoes, and socks like crazy during the day. I really believe kids should be raised outdoors without t.v. and video games, and luckily Eli has joined in on the outside adventure and LOVES to be outdoors exploring and getting dirty. The only problem is we go through a lot of clothes. By the times he's played in the sandbox, dirt, water, flowers, rocks, grass etc. (with all of it sticking to his sunscreen) he's a mess! Today we went through three outfits. I know what times the front or back will be shaded so he doesn't get too hot or too much sun. He's not going to be a city slicker if we have our way! Brandon was horrified when he saw the white jumper that Eli was in when he came home from work (hey, I was on outfit number 3). I think he may have called it a dress ;-) ;-) Teaching and reminding Eli to say "Please" has really helped with his demanding everything. I was laughing earlier because he demanded Rica to drink out of the watering can. He even was bossing her around! Love this kid!

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