Friday, November 30, 2007

Getting Closer!

We're baffled how quickly this pregnancy has gone! I had my last 2nd trimester (26 weeks) appointment yesterday; now I start appointments every 2 weeks! Eli is kicking, elbowing, and who knows what else constantly, so if you see me jerk in public that's what's going on...I swear I'm not crazy! I'm thanking God today because my glucose screen for gestational diabetes came back good (97....less than 140 is normal). Eli's heart rate was high because of the sugar packed drink I had just drank 168! Sugar high! I'm measuring 26 which matches how far along I am! More importantly my antibody screen came back negative (i'm A- blood...85-99% of people are positive...Brandon's A+)! Today I'm going to get my first Rhogam shot to prevent my body from producing antibodies in the future. It's amazing to think that before 1968 I wouldn't have been able to have more than one child because my blood would have attacked and most likely killed my baby! I'm forever grateful for the man who invented Rhogam! I'm starting my 27th week...the last of my 2nd trimester, so I'm getting ready to begin the home stretch! Yikes....and...YIPPEEEEEE!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


We flew home from Houston, had one day to rest, and then flew off to Dallas for Thanksgiving! Let's just say it's been a busy busy month! We had a great time with all the family and enjoyed playing with our nephew Gavin! We were sad that Gran wasn't there, but happy to be bringing another Judson into the world! One amazing thing that I forgot to mention, was when we were in Gran's house Brandon grabbed a bible off the book shelf and out fell a touching card/letter that he had written to Gran years ago when he had moved out to go to Purdue! God works in mysterious ways!


Sadly, Brandon's grandfather whom he lived with for two years during college passed away suddenly. Gran taught Brandon how to fly gliders and was his inspiration to become a pilot, work in the aircraft industry, and instilled in him a great love for nature and birds. We flew to Houston and drove down to Wharton, TX for the funeral and stayed for 5 days visiting with family and friends. We had a great time being with all the family, and it was fun for me to see where Brandon had lived and gone to college for the first two years. This is an incredible picture of Gran flying his sailplane that we will always treasure!

Monday, November 12, 2007

In-Law weekend!

Brandon's parents, Bob and Donna Judson, came up from Plano, TX to spend the weekend with us and bring up tons of baby clothes and baby gear! I was amazed at all the clothes my sister-in-law Brittnie sent along! My nephew Gavin was the first grandchild on both sides, so needless to say he had a LOT of clothes from birth to 2 years! They also brought up two play mats, a boppy pillow, toys toys and more toys, a crib aquarium, diaper bag, blankets, burp rags, bibs, hats, shoes etc. What a blessing! I've had a fun day sorting through it all and putting it away in all the right spots in the nursery.

Bob and Donna bought us our glider for the nursery, the men worked on house projects, we walked in the gorgeous weather with the beautiful leaves, played games, ate out, and just had a great time over all! We are really looking forward to seeing the rest of the family in Plano for Thanksgiving next week!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Appointment!

Today I had another appointment with Dr. Feuille! Everything has just been going so smoothly and I'm so thankful! Eli's heart beat was 148. He's had a big growth spurt during the past 5 weeks. I think I was measuring around 17 my last appointment, and today I was measuring around 23 1/2! I know he's gotten a lot bigger because his kicks are really starting to startle me and keep me up at night! Eli's a really active baby! My getting up in the night is waking Brandon up and there have been several nights where he can't go back to sleep and gets up for several hours! Poor thing! I've just had a hard time getting back to sleep because Eli always starts kicking me like crazy! I secretly enjoy all the's a constant reminder that he's healthy! Dr. Feuille recomended a pediatrician who works by St. Francis hospital, which is really close to our house, and would be so convenient! Her name is Dr. Patsy Barker, and I scheduled an appointment to meet with her before the baby is born.

Last night we went to the Car Seat Safety Class at Wesley. I think everyone should be required to take this FREE class! They showed a video of crashes with car seats in bad positions or not tightened enough; it was heartbreaking! Out of like 1700 car seats they checked for people last year, only 72 were installed it's a big problem! It confirmed that we definitely want the Graco Snugride carseat...after practicing with all the other ones!

Brandon's parents and brother Lance are coming up from Plano this weekend and bringing a lot of our nephews old clothes etc. We are really looking forward to spending time with them!