Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eli loves to:
-Sit on his potty
-Do somersaults on the bed
-Play in any type of water (a bucket with some water in it will keep him entertained for hours as he puts dandelions or sticks in and out of it)
-Climb any stairs (especially loves climbing up to the rooms upstairs)
-Feed his stuffed animals when I declare them "hungry", give them kisses when they are "crying" or rock them side to side
-Smell flowers (I taught him to do this instead of picking them and it was worked wonderfully)
-Eat fruits and veggies
-Use a fork (which he calls a spoon). He'll hardly eat unless I give him one to at least try with
-Be tickled (he'll say "More more more" over and over again)
-Be around other kids. He watched them so carefully and shares really well (we use that word a lot around here in practice)
-Play the guitar which he calls "AY YA"
-Sing old McDonald, and when you sing "And on the farm he had a...." and wait to let him fill in the blanks he always shouts "BOY"
-Go for walks with Rica, play at the park or playground
-Talk to his grandmas or aunt Becca on the phone (he kisses the phone)

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