Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Brandon called me a little while ago to tell me that he passed his oral test! He said he was so glad to have studied so much because it was really hard, but he passed with flying colors! I am so proud of him! Eli and I are going to have to color a congratulations sign. Yesterday, we colored him a good luck sign...Brandon loved it! So, you'd think for Cinco de Mayo I would be making Mexican food. Nope. I wasn't thinking and just made Mexican food, plus when Brandon called he was eating Mexican for lunch to celebrate. Instead I made hummus and am going to broil ciabatta bread and am making chow mein. It's the strangest combination I do realize. I had some produce left over from making risotto the other night that I don't want to go to waste, so I broke out my vegetarian cookbook. I try to cook really healthy now because of Eli. No fried, desserts, and no unnatural sugar. Plus, we eat tons of fruit and veggies. The only bad thing about that is that I need to gain weight. Between nursing and chasing Eli I am 5-10 lbs underweight. Not exactly the problem I thought I would have after having a baby. I've been buying some fattening things on the side to eat for snacks to try and up my calories. I have Eli down to nursing 2 times a day. Today was the first day I am really uncomfortable. Hopefully when I am done completely I will gain some weight back! Yesterday, I took Eli on a really long walk to enjoy the beautiful weather. I got all the way home before I realized he had kicked one of his shoes off. I was too tired to go looking for it until later in the afternoon. I considered back tracking, but decided to just re-walk it so I would remember exactly which streets I had taken. I was laughing so hard after walking for a half an hour and finding the shoe at the end of our block. I would have found it in a minute if I would have just gone backwards! Eli saw it too and started pointing at it before we got to it! He ALWAYS kicks one shoe off when he's in the high chair and when we go to the grocery store. Lately I've been noticing that he wants to hold his fork/spoon with his left hand. We were positive he was right handed, but now I'm wondering if he's going to be able to use both like Brandon can. We'll see! He's doing great with a fork/spoon. Usually I have to hep him scoop or stab the food, but he can feed himself otherwise (of course he'd rather use his hands anyway). Yay for independence! We've been working on manners. His version of "please" just kills me. He will use it, but I usually have to remind him. Eli is really sweet and affectionate. It seems like he's gotten even more affectionate lately. I hope it lasts! He's constantly running to me for hugs or snuggles, and he always is trying to kiss/hug Rica (yeah I know). They are definitely buds. Eli's really sweet/affectionate towards his doggy and other stuffed animals too. He'll give them hugs/kisses constantly. I taught him how to feed his doggy a bottle and burp him. So cute!

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