Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is the face you make when you're sick and have spaghetti stuck to your face :-) Seriously, this kid can whine when he's not feeling well! Poor thing. At one point Brandon and I just burst out laughing because the whining was so fake and absurd we couldn't help it! I was glad to get a break and eat at Panera with my cousin/friend Ellen! I am sad he's sick because I had plans to have a playdate at our house with my friends, a playdate set up with my cousin and her baby Luke, Brandon leading worship, and the big church picnic at the park this weekend that I had really been looking forward to. It just stinks that we have to miss them all! There is a cold going around (hopefully not swine flu) that a lot of my friends say their kids have right now. Boo hoo!

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