Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pool fun!

Eli is finally sleeping through the night!!!! Woot woot! He's no longer nursing once in the night, so we're finally getting sleep. He should be completely weaned in two weeks. He nurses before his nap and after supper, so I'll cut one each week. Wish me luck! We had a fun family morning. Brandon cooked up a big breakfast, then we headed out on a long walk to The Perk (local coffee shop) while it was still cool. We saw a lot of old fixed up cars around, so we went to the park on our way home to see all the line up of cars before their parade. Eli enjoyed playing at the park, of course. Yesterday was hot, so when Brandon got home we let Eli play in his baby pool in back yard. He loved sitting down and "swimming" kicking his legs really fast and splashing around. I didn't put very much water in it, so he could just walk around playing with toys etc. My cousin Angela stopped by before her art show. After putting Eli to bed, I ran down with my other cousins/friends (Ellen/Sam) to hang out and see her pottery on display. Eli never wanted to get out of the pool! We left it up, so he could play again today (since it's going to be 92).

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