Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the wall....

Whenever we put something on Eli, he always runs to see what it looks like in the mirror. I was secretly hiding with the camera because he would run and want to wear Brandon's hat and then come and check himself out in the mirror. He's so funny! We're having a much better day today than yesterday. Eli was SO cranky because of teething. I peeked in his mouth today and wow...it sure looks painful! Today he still showed me that his teeth are hurting, but is much less whiny and having a lot more fun. He has been up at 5:30 every morning b/c he wakes up hurting and can't go back to sleep. These are his first molars and the first teeth that he doesn't want pressure on as they are coming through. Usually he starts gnawing on everything when he's teething, but this time he even cries if I put my finger in to feel. I introduced Eli to chalk yesterday morning. He loved it. We decorated the sidewalk by the back door. He was covered in chalk from head to toe. Messy but fun! My dryer is finally fixed...woo hoo! I'm pretty pumped about that. Becca and Joel are coming tomorrow to spend the night with us before all of us head to the farm Thursday. Eli is going to be SO excited when they get here. I'll be getting him pumped all day tomorrow ;-)

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