Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fountain of Life

We took Eli to the fountains at our park last night. It was hot and crowded, but he LOVED playing in the cool fountains. As you know he is a water fanatic, so it will be a great free retreat for us this summer. It was a little dangerous because it was so crowded, but that's what we get for going in the evening! Brandon's brother Lance is coming to stay for a few days. Brandon was able to get Thursday off to spend time with him, so I'm really glad about that. I think Eli is teething. He has been gnawing on everything and been extremely cranky. I can see two red bumps on the bottom, so I'm waiting to see if anything is going to happen. I was next door talking to our awesome neighbors who are finally expecting after trying for like 4 years. She is really sick, and as I chatted with her while she laid looking miserable on the couch I thought....we go through this multiple times? Are we out of our minds ladies?? Joking, but gosh it sure brought back memories of me throwing up and blacking out with my head stuck between the toilet and the tub (seriously every time I threw up when I was pregnant I passed out...later Brandon noticed I wasn't breathing at all when I threw up and all it took was reminders to breath to solve the problem. My word. Can't wait!!!! We're all shook up here in Wichita over the murder of Dr. Tiller (the famous late term abortion doctor here in town, one of like 3 in the country that will still do abortions after 24 weeks). Supposedly, partial birth abortions are only allowed when the mother's life is in danger, but I'm sure lines are crossed. Nothing like being shot while you're serving as an usher in your church! Yes, what he did was wrong and horrible and I couldn't disagree with him more, but pro-life means all life is sacred no matter who or what age you are. Dr. Tiller was also a husband, father to four, and a grandfather to ten. The man who shot him has had mental health issues in the past and been a part of an anti-government group. It's an unfortunate event that casts a bad shadow on the pro-life movement, while fueling anger on both sides, and bitterness in the pro-choice movement. Bad all around!

P.S. My best friend Courtney just dropped by and brought me a latte and we shared a dessert bar....whispering and snickering while Eli naps...God bless her! She works at the golf course at the end of the street, so Eli and I dropped in yesterday. She gave him a used golf ball that he literally carried around all day like a treasure. I was so proud of Eli because her boss held his hand out several times to take the ball and Eli shared every single time without hesitation. For a toddler that's practically a miracle :-)

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