Thursday, June 11, 2009


We had a lovely evening with my best friend Courtney and her boyfriend Matt. Eli LOVES Courtney (she works at the golf course two blocks away, so we visit her once in a while), and he had a lot of fun playing ball with Matt. We could not stop laughing because I tried to get him to say Matt and he laughed really hard and said "BUP!". He has never said this before and thought it was really funny. Today I was talking with him about Matt and Courtney coming over last night and every time I mentioned Matt he said "BUP!" and would start laughing hysterically. He's so funny! He has a great sense of humor. Elijah loves "secrets". He always gets really excited if I tell him a secret and always smiles and laughs at whatever I say. We cut up an entire watermelon last night with dinner...Eli's dream come true! He had watermelon running down his face, arms, hands...everywhere! What a joy he is! I'm so excited to head up to Salina today and spend time with the family at the festival this weekend. I'm counting down the minutes :-) Oh, I almost forgot. Brandon is the first responder for his whole floor at work. He basically stays up on his CPR and other medical response training to be prepared for an accident or emergency at work. They implemented this after a man committed suicide in one of the bathrooms/break rooms at Cessna a couple years back. So far, he's been lucky enough to not have to use his training, but yesterday someone came running up to him saying one of his coworkers was unconcious passed out on the floor. By the time he got to her she was unconcious for the second time. There was nothing he could do besides try to keep her awake/talking until EMS came, but I think it definitely shook him up a bit. Besides being extremely embarrassed she ended up being okay. Hopefully nothing serious will ever happen! Yikes!

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