Thursday, June 25, 2009

We've been crazy busy trying to get Eli's future room done. I've been collapsing in bed at night exhausted (and I've barely worked on it compared to Brandon)! Painting in heat...not fun! Pictures to follow because it's almost done! We had my cousin Sam over yesterday for supper and then all went to Cessna's pool to escape the heat. It was definitely refreshing; Eli loved shooting baskets with the guys. He also liked watching us all go down the slide. Eli's second bottom molar finally poked through. He seems to feel a little better today. Teething tablets have been helping him sleep during his nap and bedtime. He is getting better and better at helping me clean up. If he throws food he now helps me pick up the pieces off the floor and put them in the trash. He also throws the junk mail in the trash for me. He really likes using a cloth to "clean". If he spills water on the floor while he's drinking he'll squat with a cloth and clean it up. So cute! I hung out with my friend Courtney during his nap yesterday. We went and got pastries and coffee at Panera for lunch ;-) She came back with me to the house and Eli woke up while she was here. He got in serious show off mood. He kept doing this funny scrunched up face smile and running as fast as he could. Major flirting going on. Brandon was cracking up because he's not usually here when Eli goes into flirting mode with my friends. Tomorrow night we're having our friends over for dinner. I'm looking forward to some fellowship with some of my favorite people!

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