Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eli...can you say FURLOUGH!!!!

As most of you know Brandon, as well as all of Cessna, had to take 4 weeks of furlough. Brandon's first week starts next week. We spaced them throughout the summer where we would need time off (Harvest, to go to Arkansas, Kansas City for my friend's wedding etc.) They announced recently that they are going to do another round of layoffs (Brandon should be safe from these) and more furloughs. Brandon has to take 3 more weeks of furlough this year. We're going to take a week a month starting in Oct. and hopefully get one of them by Thanksgiving for when we go to Texas. That's a total of 7 weeks, but luckily Brandon will use 4 weeks of his vacation to ease the financial burden! I'm really worried right now that Cessna is going to go under or have to do really long furloughs (like a year or more). I've had a few freak outs, but am reminding myself that all will be okay no matter what happens. Hey, as long as we've got each other that's all that matters! I've been taking out my worries on my oven...baking and cooking! I made whole wheat pancakes last night to freeze for Eli for a breakfast option, bran muffins (all bran, granola, wheat germ, whole wheat flour, craisins etc.) to freeze for breakfast, meatball sandwiches for supper, lasagna, chicken and rice, and the list keeps going on and on. If we're on the streets...at least we won't be hungry ;-) ;-) Eli is definitely going to enjoy all the family time this summer/year! We're going to have a blast and definitely take advantage of the free time!

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