Sunday, June 14, 2009

Farm and Festival fun!

We had a fabulous weekend up in Salina/Minneapolis with family. We played Thursday night at the Smoky Hill River Festival in front of a crowd of a little over 10,000 people! It was fun! Eli ALWAYS cries if he sees us on stage, so he wasn't too happy. Here are some of the fun highlights of the trip:

-Eli played frisbee, ate his first sno-cone (Brandon snuck him that one without me knowing), clapped to all the music, and played with cousin Jadyn at the River Festival (He also fed Jadyn half his supper with a fork and his fingers, so cute).
-Brandon and I enjoyed seeing all the relatives at the festival and one of our favorite groups Mingo Fishtrap. Brandon watched Eli while I looked at the crafts and art with my mom/sister/cousins/aunt! Brandon also ate a million corndogs, and we all enjoyed homemade ice scream!
-We hung out with Becca (Bepa, as Eli calls her), Joel, Will, Sam and my parents all weekend.
-Eli rode the four wheeler and mower with my dad and loved it
-Eli loved the kittens I discovered in my dad's shop. He kept trying to kiss them and meow at them, and even brought them a toy as a gift to share. So precious! He loved petting the cats while we were there and chasing all the dogs.
-Eli didn't go to sleep until 10 (normal is 7:30) the first night because he was SO excited to be at the farm. He also would wake up at like 4 every morning ready to go....luckily we were able to get him back to sleep every morning and by the end it was fine.
-Both car drives were AWESOME with the car seat turned forward. So much easier!
-Brandon and Will rode dirtbikes while Joel and Sam rode the four wheeler. They came back covered in mud!
-All the guys made fun of Mom, Becca, and I for playing Farm Town on facebook.
-Eli just adores all the family. He always wants to play "guns" with my dad and ball with my mom. He gave everyone kisses the whole trip.
-Once again Eli loved roaming around in the wide open spaces of the farm. He was laughing his head off running and DIVING into the tall weeds. Luckily he didn't get chiggers!
-Today both Brandon and Eli got harvest haircuts! We're preparing for a HEAT WAVE!

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