Wednesday, June 3, 2009

15th Month Appt.

Today was Eli's 15 month appointment. I'm always so nervous the morning of it because it's pretty much like a final exam for me and torture for Eli ;-). Eli did about as expected; he cried quite a bit, but did tell the Doctor a lot of the words he can say. It was cute. Here are the stats: 20 lbs 12.8 oz (5%), 29 3/4 inches (6%), head 19 (73%). At least he has a large brain ;-) Here are the 12 month stats for comparison: 18 lbs 7 oz (6%) and was 29 1/4 inches (25%) tall and his head was 18 3/4 (76%). I really thought he'd grown more in height, but I guess not! She said we can turn his car seat around now, which is a relief! Also, we've been trying to decide lately whether he just has an outy belly button or if he was starting to get a hernia (several of my friends kids have them behind their belly buttons and it's no big deal). She said it's just an outy, so that was good. I'm very glad it's over with! We're enjoying having Brandon's brother Lance here. Brandon has tomorrow off to spend the day with him!

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