Sunday, June 7, 2009

We are still exhausted from our show on Friday night at Meads Coffee House. There were a lot of people there: friends, coworkers, church folk, and a lot of people scoping out bands for First Friday Music Crawl. We played from 9-11 with two bands opening up for us. A brother duo before us was awesome called Elliot Road. I will NEVER play that late again, though. I was tired and miserable all weekend because I didn't get to bed until after midnight. We had a really fun show because Brandon sang a bunch of songs too, and we had worked up some fun covers to play. I'm really looking forward to heading back up to Minneapolis Thursday for our gig at the Smoky Hill River Festival Jam. My sister and brother-in-law are coming too, so it should be a great long weekend with family and farm fun again. I LOVE Salina's river festival. I think Eli will love the children's tent! Brandon has been awesome this weekend kind of taking over for most of it as I have not felt good at all. I was not meant for staying up late, trust me! We're having our neighbors over for dinner tomorrow night, so I made my mom's raspberry cream cheese cake tonight. Fun fun! Tuesday, we have a quick band practice and Wednesday my best friend Courtney and her boyfriend Matt (who I actually studied in Mexico with a few years back...weird) are coming over to eat. Another busy week! Eli has been having fun at the park, playground, pool etc. I love outside weather!

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