Thursday, June 4, 2009


Eli's been having a good time with his Uncle Lance here. Last night we took him to the Cessna pool to play while Lance did some laps. He loved watching Lance swim laps and would wait and wait for him to come up for air. They have an awesome zero entry pool, so he can just run around playing; we love it! He loved the mushroom fountain. He's really good about getting water in his face. Brandon took off work today, so first thing this morning we took Eli to the zoo. We have a great zoo here in Wichita. Eli's favorites were the gorilla and the penguins. We got some great really close views of the animals. They all kept coming to the glass to see us. Brandon turned Eli's carseat around to face forward. He was SO excited. The whole drive to the zoo he just laughed and laughed because he could see Brandon driving and actually see a lot of stuff finally. It was great! He's been a bit cranky because of teething the past few days. When the doctor looked in his mouth she exclaimed that he was getting molars! Oh the joys of teething! I guess we were right that he was teething after all! Tomorrow we play a show at Meads Corner Coffee Shop. Luckily it's not until 9, so I can put Eli to bed and then have someone just stay here while he sleeps. I love that my job usually happens after he's asleep!

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