Monday, July 6, 2009

Dishes are dangerous! So are tornadoes :-)

There's a reason I haven't posted in a week....I had to get stitches in my index finger on Thursday. Becca and Joel spent the night on Wednesday thank God so Becca was there to watch Eli while Joel took me to the emergency room. I was getting a glass out of the dishwasher and I somehow smashed it on the counter and the glass cut me pretty bad. Of course it was bleeding like crazy. I got three stitches and a splint to make sure my finger stays straight. It's finally healed enough to be able to type easier. We had an amazing weekend up with all the Corman clan. We love all spending the fourth together. My uncle Dave even drove up from Texas! My cousin Grace is getting so big and it was fun to have her there to play with Eli and Jadyn. It's somewhat strange to have my first cousin playing with my child! We had abnormally cool weather all weekend, so Eli played outside with the cats/kittens, basketball goal, etc. all the time. He just runs around the farm in pure joyful bliss! We took him to the baby pool in Minneapolis. My parents enjoyed all the memories it brought back for them. We had a family party in Salina on Friday and on my way home with Eli and my mom we encountered a tornado. I freaked out because it was a quarter of a mile in front of us where we literally would have driven right into it as it crossed the highway. I turned around and headed back to Salina where we waited it out. A little scary! We had a huge party at my parent's farm on the 4th. I think there were around 40 family members and friends. Eli actually really liked the fireworks. He just saw some of the little ones before bedtime and he kept saying "MORE!" even to the loud fire crackers.

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