Sunday, June 28, 2009


Friday night we had Horsts, Racchinis, and my mom for dinner! We had a blast! The kids all played....NOTE TO SELF...there is a reason why you should have more than one kid. They ENTERTAIN EACHOTHER! It's amazing how little I have to do when other kids are around. It would be totally exhausting to never have another kid because I'd always have to be Eli's entertainment. The guys took off to fly Brandon's glider airplane early evening, and us girls traded when they got back and took off for a girls night at Starbucks. (I put Eli to bed before I left, so Brandon just had to help wrangle the other 3 kids in the basement). My mom mentioned that right when she got here her car started stinking and she couldn't figure out what it was. It did smell kind of nasty on our way to Starbucks. We had fun laughing our heads off and headed back after a couple hours. We were discussing that it really smelled like something was dead in the car or under the car or something. Right as we parked in front of the house I said, "Whoever finds the dead critter gets a prize!" Literally 5 seconds after I said it Tanya started screaming her head off and clawing at the door trying to get out (unfortunately it was locked for some reason). Turns out there was a dead mouse RIGHT at her feet (that we didn't notice because it was dark already). It was so gross and SO funny. We still are laughing about it. Mom gave Tanya a prize! Amy was brave and used a baby wipe to throw it out onto the street. What would we do without baby wipes? Mom parks her car in a barn at night, so it's no surprise that something snuck in there. We'll forever be joking about that night. Very memorable!

Everything is breaking down around here. Brandon had to work like crazy the entire furlough fixing everything. We're going even greener that's why we have the clothes hung on a line in the back yard....uh...I mean our dryer is broken. Brandon also got to fix the mower and the string trimmer. Luckily we bought a warranty on the house appliances when we got the house, so the dryer should get fixed. We played at the Kansas Grown Farmers Market Saturday morning. It was an amazing farmers market and it was packed! I can't believe I've never been before. We'll definitely be there on Saturday mornings from now on. It could have been a disaster because all the instruments and sound system were acting up because of the heat/humidity, but God really blessed it in the end. We ended up selling like 30 cds and getting a lot of tips! A lot of the vendors also donated produce and baked goods to us. It was so sweet. My mom was amazing and came down to babysit a teething toddler for us during HARVEST! She definitely gets the grandma of the year award. My dad should get an award too for letting her come! You can see that we got the room finished finally! Six gallons of paint later ;-) I got these huge chalkboard airplane/cloud wall murals to put on the wall for Eli and I've already found this antique bi-prop plane bedding to get someday. Who knows when he'll actually move up there but at least we're ready. Eli has been saying some new words lately. "Bread", "E-I-E-I-O", and "HOT!" He says "HOT" and puts his hand up if his food is warm and when he gets in his car seat. We cool the car down before he gets in but the buckles are still warm. It's so cute. He still loves for me to ask "Where's Jesus?" and he starts patting his heart and we say "INSIDE!" He'll want me to ask it over and over again. He still says "AMEN" when we pray before bed. So precious. Looking forward to getting ready for our huge CORMAN FAMILY FOURTH OF JULY BASH! It's our favorite holiday on my Corman side. We are having a party at my parents house this year. Eli has been getting some serious farm time in!

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