Sunday, June 21, 2009


Here's what we've been up to the last few days:

Friday: Took Eli to Cessna's pool. He "swam" for an hour. Brandon and I took turns swimming laps (okay I just swam one and thought I was going to die), while Eli played ball in the shallows. He loved laying on his stomach and pulling himself with his arms through the water. There was another little boy there who came up and hit Eli twice and kept stealing his ball even though he had his own (seriously, I wanted to lay the smack down ;-)) The dad didn't say a word. Some parents SUCK! We had a blast though! Eli also nursed for the LAST time at noon before his nap. We're done for good around here! He's done great, no issue going down for his naps without it. I'm only a tiny bit uncomfortable.

Saturday: I helped my friends with a shower for our bass player and friend Dave Racchini's fiance at our church. It was really fun to fellowship with all of my women friends. Very refreshing! Brandon took Eli to the McDonalds play place (of course we don't actually FEED him fast food, but Brandon likes taking him to different play areas when he's babysitting). Several times he said "mama" and Brandon could tell he missed me. When I got home he just kept snuggling/hugging/kissing me saying "mama, mama, mama, mama," it was so precious. Molars should be making an appearance soon....I can feel lumps now on the bottom! Eli loved playing in the puddles outside during a break in the rain. We have gotten hammered with rain the past couple days. After Eli went to sleep, a friend from church came and babysat so Brandon and I could go out to a Japanese Grill (Sumo) and have an awesome meal/evening with my best friend Courtney and her boyfriend Matt. It was so much fun! Our babysitter had to spend the night b/c it was storming so hard when we got home. Luckily I ALWAYS have the guest bedroom/bathroom ready to go downstairs in case someone needs to use it.

Sunday: Brandon led worship at church. Eli LOVED playing with the kids in the nursery. He seriously didn't want to leave. It's getting better and better each time we take him. He didn't even whine or look sad at all when we left him this morning. He just took off running to go play ball with some other kids. YAY! At lunch, Eli was purposely pouring milk in his eye and laughing hysterically over and over again until I noticed what was going on and took his cup away. Oh boys! Sometimes I'm just baffled. Eli picked out Brandon a superman musical card a few weeks back and was excited to play with it after Brandon opened it. So cute! We just enjoyed my Grandma Buck's enchilada recipe for supper! Yum! Brandon decided he's not going to shave for this entire week of furlough. I swear he almost has a beard and it's been like two days. Sheesh and GROSS!

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