Saturday, August 1, 2009

We dropped my dad at the airport this morning. He's headed out to Tahoe to join my mom. Eli was thrilled to see my dad and showed him all of his favorite things. He played ball and kept showing dad his Elmo chair. It was hilarious! We moved Will into his new apartment this morning. It's awesome! It's just a tiny little Riverside apartment right across from my cousin Sam two streets over! I'm pumped to have them both so close. Eli loved running around "Will's house". I spent this morning weeding. It's impossible to work on the veggie garden with Eli around. I can easily do the flowers and play with him at the same time, at least. I re-organized Eli's future room upstairs. Right now it's filled with newborn and baby stuff. It's getting easier and easier to picture having a second child. I know it's going to be SO hard, but so rewarding.

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