Wednesday, August 26, 2009

prison time might be in our future ;-)

Here's some more pictures that Brandon's dad took while they were here a couple weekends back! Eli's cold is still minor. He doesn't act any different just has a runny nose. He is covered in snot and so am I :-) I met some friends at the church today to help get the kitchen cleaned while all the kids played. Eli started crying the second we walked by his sunday school class. I had to keep reminding him we weren't going, so there was nothing to be crying about! Sheesh. Later we went to Cessna to have lunch with Brandon. Eli started saying "DADA!" as soon as we turned onto the road his office is. I thought that was awesome that Eli recognized it from so far away. We enjoyed a pot luck lunch that his department did. Eli especially liked the "Ba balls" aka meat balls. We are having serious tag issues around here. It is the ONE thing I forgot to change the address on when we moved (considering I only pay it once a year). Both of our cars are driving on expired licenses because my car they sent all the paperwork to our old house (which was returned and never forwarded.....the lady told me state mail can't be forwarded), so we never remembered it until Brandon got pulled over today :-) He has to go to court. Next time we talk to you it might be our one call from a jail cell. HA HA! It is 4 months expired. How is it possible that NEITHER of us noticed that? My word. Brandon's SUV is barely expired b/c I ordered the tag a long time ago and no matter how many times I've called they STILL keep sending it to our old house. You can ask Brandon, I've had a few freak outs over that one over the past month. At least I have the receipt for that one in the glove compartment, so we shouldn't get a ticket. If they mess up something one more time I'm going to blow a gasket people. Have you ever gone to the tag office. It's equal to HELL. Especially in Wichita. Here in Wichita there is always a HUGE line. Just plan on taking a 3 hour lunch ;-)

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