Sunday, August 23, 2009

We had an amazing week with family! The lack of posts is an affect of the FUN FUN FUN we had! Highlights of the week included:

-Celebrating my sister's birthday with all the Cormans at Abuelos where Eli ate everyone's food. At one point he was grabbing food off of TWO plates at once. It was hilarious. He also grabbed a glass of water and poured it all over himself. Luckily, I always carry an extra outfit in my diaper bag. Mom saved the day!

-If any of the family would leave the room Eli would start calling out for them trying to get them to come play. There were a lot of "NANA!" "JOEL!" "BEPA!" "BOOM!" flying around the house. He really used everyones names really well this trip. So proud of him!

-Joel stayed home and "babysat" Eli (while he was napping), so we could go to lunch. Went to the Tea Room with my sister, mom, and cousin Ellen. We wore boas and these flashing rings my mom brought. Classy ;-) We scarfed down their famous bread pudding and headed back to the house to scrapbook. I wish I would have taken a picture of the basement floor. You couldn't walk anywhere there was so much paper, pictures, stickers etc. scattered about. We all got quite a bit done on our scrapbooks. Bec scrapbooked their trip to Europe; I got a lot done on Eli's, and Ellen worked on her summer camp pictures.

-My mom jumped into the tub with Eli fully clothed. You should have seen Eli's face. They had a huge splashing war. Eli loved it! Even last night Eli was practicing his splashing...thanks a lot Mom!

-My mom took Eli out several times shopping. I thoroughly enjoyed the break! She said he did great and had fun. I looked out when they pulled into the driveway and there he his holding a new elmo stuffed animal and eating a piece of licorice. (keep in mind I am the anal no sugar person, so he doesn't even know what candy is) What are Grandma's for?

-Brandon and Joel went and saw the new Brad Pitt movie and loved it! Bec and I stayed home and of course worked on more scrapbooking :-)

-Will was in Colorado with his boss, so Mom and Joel took Eli to buy a tv, dvd player and snuck them into his apartment as a surprise when he comes home today! Can't wait to hear his reaction!

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