Sunday, August 9, 2009

It has been a tough week, thus not too many posts :-) Eli has started teething again with his canines starting to push through. I literally had to take this week day by day to keep from going insane. After 11 hours, I was ready for Brandon to come home and take over! I kept Eli busy with art projects and outings. We're working on painting an alphabet puzzle. His paintings always are hilarious because they are so many different colors scattered about. No matter what art we do...he ALWAYS touches his face with his dirty hands. I think he thinks it's funny. We went and visited Brandon at work and Eli played hide and seek amongst the cubicles. So cute! We've been having some crazy climbing issues around here. Oh my word. We took him to the mall play place the other evening and he had a blast with the other kids. He is so cute with other kids. Yesterday, I went to a cloth diaper party at my friend's house. Brandon came along to take care of Eli and hang out with his friend during it. There were a lot of kids Eli's age and he was great! I had fun checking out all the different types of diapers. I've always thought it would be fun to try the easy to use cloth diapers during the day(like the all in one, trim, organic, one size fits all, snap diapers). Basically no work involved besides throwing them in the laundry. I might buy a couple to use right before potty training. The problem with the disposables is that most kids can't tell when they've peed because they are so good at pulling the liquid away. I think it might help. We'll see. They could be used for future kids as well, so I'm trying to decide.

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