Sunday, August 16, 2009

I have conquered another week of cranky teething (4 teeth coming in now). I definitely had some rough moments, but enjoyed a wonderful weekend with Brandon's parents. Eli gave his Grams and Papa a lot of kisses while they were here and enjoyed playing with them. They babysat while we had a radio interview in Newton last night, as well. We played some songs live, answered some questions, and the DJ featured the music from our cd for about an hour. It went great! You should all be jealous because Brandon's dad brought up a brisket from Texas and we enjoyed a feast last night. There wasn't an ounce of fat on that thing after Brandon's dad expertly cut it :-) It rocked! Even Eli scarfed it down! We invited Will and Sam over to share. Poor bachelors are practically starving to death ;-) ;-) ha ha. Brandon led worship at church this morning and Eli had a good time in the nursery. When I went to pick him up he was the only one still scarfing down animal crackers (no surprise there). He then proceeded to dance around a bit to the praise music and show me his Joseph picture he colored and stamped. The nursery worker told me he loved slamming the stamp down on the picture. I need to get him some kid stamps! I got all my scrapbooking stuff out to start on Eli's first year. I've made myself wait until he was this old, so I could just go back and pick out my favorite pictures. I would have had like a million books if I had done it as he grew! My cousin Ellen and I are going to start meeting once a week while Eli's napping and working on ours together. My sister and Joel are coming up Wednesday, so I'm really looking forward to all the family here. Becca and Mom are bringing their scrapbooking stuff too, so it should be fun! Eli keeps asking for "Bepa", "Nana", "Boom" (Grumpa), and "Joel". It's so cute.

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