Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things that have made me smile this week:

-Eli lovingly gifted our new neighbor (19 months old) Jackson with a prize acorn. It was precious. They really like each other. Future play dates to be scheduled!

-We were driving in the car when Black Eyed Peas song "Boom Boom Pow" came on the radio. Eli was in the back seat singing "Boom Boom Boom Boom". I mistakenly played the music video for him when we got home off of youtube.com Now he points at the computer a MILLION times a day yelling "Boom Boom BOOM!" wanting to hear it. Definitely his new favorite song. Fergie may be my new competition.

-Eli has discovered the beloved piggy back ride. Now, if he's walked on his own pretty far from home I can help get back faster by offering one. He loves it.

-After our walk in the stroller, Eli now likes to take walks up and down our street and has a blast looking both ways and crossing the street holding my hand. He can walk and walk and walk and never seems to get tired.

-This morning he was eating some dried fruit off of a plate I'd set on the bottom stair for him. I heard him move it and I said, "Eli be careful, you're going to break the plate!" I went and took it from him....turned around....dropped it...and it shattered everywhere. Yeah, seriously. It was hilarious!

-We've started doing a really short time out once in a while because we couldn't find anything to keep him from standing on top of the coffee table. This makes me smile because he absolutely just sits in the corner for like 20 seconds and doesn't move. If you know my kid, that's like a miracle. I'm really praying that time outs will work for us. It's really cute.

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