Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yesterday, was our viola player/friend's wedding. Believe it or not, it actually was an outdoor wedding at 1 in the afternoon (101 degrees). For several reasons, one being the heat, I had Brandon go to the wedding and Eli and I met him there for the indoor reception/dinner. I put Eli down for a nap an hour earlier and all was well. I am glad to know that I can do this easily for future events. We had fun at the reception. It was a very small wedding just family and a handful of close friends from church. It was so fun to watch Eli play with the other kids from our church. He played ball with two other boys and enjoyed the bubbles with the girls. This one little girl held his hand once and later punched him twice in the chest. Eli laughed. I'm glad he thought she was playing :-) After the reception, we were invited to a Chinese dinner. Eli was great throughout the whole afternoon. Made it a fun day! He loves Chinese food (rice, noodles, and veggies). Speaking of veggies, today he ate ALL the broccoli from our garden that I was going to use in a recipe tonight. I guess I shouldn't be complaining :-) He saw me cooking it and HAD to have some. What a funny little guy. Eli's very into climbing right now. About scares me to death. He can get up on a chair, so I taught him how to sit and get back down so he wouldn't be standing up on it. He tries to get on top of the coffee table too. Sheesh! He thinks it's hilarious. He giggles and giggles. During our "art" time he loves to put stickers on a paper and then color too. He's into mixed media ;-) ;-) Brandon and I were thrilled to find seasons 5 and beyond of the BBC James Harriot shows on This is by far my favorite old TV show. I love the books and am a huge fan! When my sister went to England/Ireland she went and visited his house/vet office. It was fun to find out that the show was filmed in the real place. I got Brandon hooked as well on both the books and tv show. We were raised reading the books and watching the shows every once in a while. It has been our nightly ritual the past few nights to put Eli to bed and enjoy a show!

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