Saturday, August 29, 2009

This has been a fun and busy past few days! First off, my mom wanted me to tell a funny story about Eli on here. I saw him out of the corner of my eye get on the coffee table (which he knows he's not supposed to do) and stand up. Next time I looked over he was sitting in the time out corner. It was all I could not to just crack up. He put himself in time out. Well he understands the concept! Eli's cold has stayed mild, so it's been wonderful!

Thursday I was driving headed to help decorate the church in the morning for the wedding today and I got a call saying they were running an hour late. That pretty much ruined my chances of helping since it ran into Eli's nap time, but I was caught in a construction zone with no where to turn around to head home. I decided just to keep heading out East to some baby stores I never go to because they are so far away from where we live. I was so excited to get to go to some of my favorite stores. I get all the way out there and realize that all the stores don't open for another hour. I was so MAD! I just turned around and headed home. The morning was going so poorly and I was in such a bad mood that I decided to try and do something fun to turn it around. I caught a Panera out of the corner of my eye, so Eli and I stopped and shared a bagel. He had a blast. I let him sit like a big boy in the booth and kept telling him we were on a date and he was thrilled! It totally turned our day around for the better. That night Brandon and Eli got hair cuts. Eli did SO much better this time. The older he gets the better. He actually got a decent haircut since he sat still. I was sad to see they took the carousel out of the mall. Bummer! Eli's favorite stores to go in are Hot Topic (yeah I know) and Third Planet. Both scary ;-) Should I be worried?

Last night my brother came to babysit at 5 and put Eli to bed. Eli said "bye bye" as we were leaving and never thought of us again! What a relief! He was excited all day when I told him that Uncle Will was coming to babysit that night. He kept saying "Ba ball?!" everytime I mentioned Will. He always plays basketball with Will. We had a blast on our first date in a long time. We actually had our friend's wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We went to Outback Steakhouse and had fun chatting and laughing with friends. We hit up Starbucks on the way home. What fun! This morning Eli got to play with our new neighbor his age Jackson. They are super cute together. They were walking down our way, so they stopped and the boys played for quite a while. They took turns pushing eachother in Eli's little car. I'm looking forward to more playdates together!

I had to put this video up here because EVERY SINGLE day Eli asks to watch it. He just starts yelling NANA! NANA! and never gives up until he sees it. The other night during prayers I said, "Who do you want to pray for?" not thinking he'd really understand, but I teared up when he said, "Nana!" Precious moments!

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