Thursday, July 30, 2009

Play doh!

What joys I get to experience all day long as a homemaker! I am SO blessed! Elijah's new word of the week is "KEYS!" I love when he learns new words and uses them daily. He's so proud of himself. Eli's been working on his shapes lately. He can identify a square, triangle, star, and circle. He's still a little shaky, but getting more accurate every day! If he can't remember he just points and moves his finger around knowing he'll hit the right shape eventually. It's so cute and cracks me up. Eli's favorite book right now is....SANTA MOUSE! It is a really old book that we all loved as kids and was republished a few years ago. Maybe I'm starting to regret snatching up a copy of it. Ha ha. With Brandon gone the past two weeks from work, they got so behind that now all of his group is working paid overtime (just one hour extra). I'm just appreciating the extra income and making the best of my extra hour of work, as well. They just have to get the cue down (people waiting for call backs) and then things will be back to normal. Today I couldn't stand it any longer and got Eli's Fall and Winter clothes down (hand me downs from Gavin). I got everything washed, folded, and put in his dresser or under his crib. We should be set! He has coats, pajamas, everything! I'm going to be glad I was on top of it once our band gigs pick up again in September. We have a lot of shows this Fall already!

I've been trying to be as creative as possible with Eli lately. The vacation was exactly what I needed to get refreshed and energized. I've been trying to make sure we do "art time" every day. Eli LOVES it. Today I bought some foam stickers to make some fun stuff with in the next few days. We color with crayons or markers, paint, chalk, or play with his new doh! He just loves play doh. He'll play with it for a half hour straight. For those of you familiar with my child that is a miracle. We just have been using our old coffee table as an art table. I can set him up with some play doh and make dinner, lunch, or bake while keeping an eye on him. It's been great! Everything is so washable now days that it is quite remarkable. I can literally just swipe our coffee table or Eli down with a wet wipe and all the crayon, marker, paint etc. just wipes off in one wipe. I remember when I was a kid crayon was impossible to get off of things and I'd be srubbing the marker off of my skin for days. Wow things have changed!

Here's a video of all of us at one of the hot springs. That water was so hot you couldn't keep your finger in it longer than a second. The boys are making "wishes".

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