Monday, August 31, 2009

Plane fun!

I was just wrestling with Eli and caught a glimpse of some pearly whites that snuck through without me noticing. I think that means Eli's gotten 5 teeth in the past two weeks! Seriously! I can hardly believe it. That means he has around 15 teeth total. Wow! We had a wonderful day yesterday. We skipped church out of exhaustion and instead went to the Wichita Air Show at Jabara Airport. They made the event free this year, so we were really excited to take Eli. Both of us figured he would pay attention for a couple minutes then be off running around. Not so! He literally sat still for 2 hours fixated on the aerobatics and yelling "MORE!", "HOT!", clapping, and waving at the pilots. It was amazing. He didn't want me to hold him, only Brandon. It was cute. They were sharing such a fun time together. Our friends the Horsts joined us and we saw the Racchini's too. All of our "enginerd" friends :-) Eli especially loved the cars/trucks with jet engines that would blow fire out the back. They would race the planes. It was fun! We were all cracking up because someone had made an out house with a jet engine. One time when it was blowing fire out the back it actually set the grass on fire. It was hilarious. It was the most gorgeous day imaginable. 75 degrees and partly sunny. I was a little nervous sitting against the runway because the whole time it just looks like they are going to crash. At the last air show Brandon went to at Osh Kosh there were two crashes. Luckily everything went great! An amazing time was had by all! I guarentee that Brandon will make it a yearly event for him and Eli. We're starting a week where Brandon will be covering a shift for a friend of working 9:30-6:30. It's going to be aweful. I had such a bad attitude when I woke up this morning. I'm just planning tons of outings for Eli and I this week, so I don't go insane!

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