Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sick little boy!

Just a quick post asking for prayers for Eli! He started acting like he felt terrible yesterday and had a fever last night. It was so sad; he kept pointing to his head trying to tell me it hurt. He got a good night's sleep last night but still had a 100 fever this morning (and kept trying to show me his throat hurt) so we headed to the doctor. She said he doesn't have strep throat yet, but his throat looked like it was on the verge...so we got some antibiotic and should be good to go. Poor little guy. He's really clingy to me and just wants to lounge around the house (which is NOT normal for him). Strep throat is going around here like crazy. A lot of my friend's kids and Brandon's coworkers have had it. I was a little worried about H1N1, so was actually a little relieved for it to be a throat issue (considering I saw on CNN that 350 students at KU are sick with H1N1). Eli was supposed to have his 18 month appointment Thursday, so I rescheduled it for next week so he can get his regular flu shot etc. when he's feeling better. I have a feeling it is going to be a ROUGH Winter. I'm scared that we're all going to be trapped at home away from all the sickness. I guess all we can do is watch and wait!

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