Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday, Brandon chipped out a piece of tile to try and find a match for the basement. I thought it might be a disaster trying to find the exact tile, but we totally lucked out. The "experts" found our exact tile in the first 10 minutes we were at the store! Praise God! Since it didn't take very much time, we headed to the mall so Brandon could get his hair cut. I didn't realize it until yesterday, but EVERY time Brandon takes Eli to the mall he takes him for a ride on the carousel. Great. This is something I can't do because of my motion sickness. Anyway, Eli now expects to ride it. He rode with Brandon and cried the second it stopped. We had to tell the horsies "bye bye" to get him to even leave it. I let him just walk around the mall until Brandon was done. He had a total temper tantrum melt down at the fountain. The whole issue was that he wanted to get IN the fountain. Watching it wasn't enough. Sheesh. He barely had taken a nap because of teething pain, so it wasn't a good day to be seen in public ;-) It was quite comical though. Finally today he's better. The teeth came through so fast. I can see them both easily and clearly now. Yippeee! Brandon forgot his lunch this morning, so it gave Eli and I an excuse to go visit him at work. Of course Brandon loved showing him off to everyone and all his coworkers were adoring him and trying to stuff goodies into his mouth. "Can he have a Cheetoh/Cookie/blah blah blah?" HELL NO :-) I am a health freak. Someone did manage to give him a piece of chocolate chip cookie when I wasn't looking (they'd obviously asked Brandon). He's never had chocolate before, and thought he'd died and gone to heaven. That guy was his new best friend. It was so funny! The whole company of Cessna is doing a 4 week furlough this summer. Originally, Brandon's group was going to be the only people still working. I was a litte dissapointed because I was hoping for some family time to travel, paint Eli's future room, fun family outings, and other projects. As of today his group is going to furlough too, just in a different way. They are going to furlough two people at a time, so there will still be people working and customers being helped. Brandon and I have to decide which 4 weeks of the summer he wants off, and they don't have to be in a row. I literally was jumping up and down when he told me. To me the time together and the help with Eli is worth WAY MORE than the money! He has to take one week vacation, one week unpaid, and two weeks unemployment money. Fine by me! We'll definitely go to Plano, TX once to be with Brandon's family and hit Tulsa as well. I'm really looking forward to summer!

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