Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am so excited that Eli is finally starting to figure out how to color. I have chunky toddler crayons, and we've been doing "art" every day. He really likes it, but usually just gets a couple scribbles and calls it quits. I'm hoping to make it a tradition to do some sort of an art project or craft every day (my mom always did that with us). Brandon and I have been crazy busy getting ready for our CD release concert this weekend. I sure hope someone comes ;-) ;-) We are all excited because two members of our band got engaged this past week. They are both getting married in August (I think we'll all be taking that month off). I'm so happy for them. All the more to celebrate on Saturday! All of Brandon's family is coming up, so we're excited to see everyone. Has it already been 2 months since Eli's birthday party? Crazy! Eli and I have been playing/walking outside every chance we can get this week. He could seriously live outside! It's wonderful! Last night Eli threw a noodle with sauce on it and it stuck to the wall. I look over and Rica is eating it off the wall. Oh my word. She seriously cleaned it up completely. No cleaning for me....ha ha!

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