Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter with family, even though we were still all trying to recover from our vacation. A very funny event happened to Brandon on Friday. After eating with my cousin and family at River City Brewery (where Eli and I enjoyed some awesome mushroom Mac N Cheese and I drank their awesome homemade root beer), Brandon was too exhausted to go to a movie so he opted to put Eli to bed while we all went to a movie. He had just taken Eli's clothes off for his bath and turned around for a minute and smelled poop. He turned back around dreading what he was about to see. There was Eli covered in poop. It was all over his hands, toes, face, and he had drug it on his feet across the floor. When Brandon picked him up to throw him in the bath Eli swiped poop on Brandon's face. Seriously! So glad I wasn't here to clean up that mess! Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so we celebrated Easter with all the Corman family and relatives here in Easter. Brandon was brave enough to grill chicken and burgers for such a big group. It only took him 1 1/2 hours to finish all the grilling needed :-) It was a great party! Eli got to see his cousin Luke again. Luke was crying one time and I told Eli he was hungry, and Eli first held out his arms to hold him then guided my cousin who was holding Luke to his room and pointed to the glider where I always nurse Eli. It was so cute. Eli was taking care of him. Today at church Eli was dancing like crazy to the music and kept saying "more" when they'd finish.

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