Saturday, April 25, 2009

Puddle loving!

Thursday night I went out to eat with my best friend Courtney and got gelato. It was a wonderful break! Courtney bought Brandon some hilarious bacon flavored toothpicks. We could not stop laughing; they were SO gross. Nothing like sucking on a pig to freshen your breath! Brandon took Eli swimming at Cessna. He had a blast because it's a zero entry pool, so he can walk around and play on his own. They were in playing/swimming for an hour and had turned into raisins and Eli still cried when he took him out! He's a fish! Here's some photos of another example. We were watering and a puddle formed. Eli thought he'd died and gone to heaven playing in it. He was literally trying to swim in the puddle. It was hot, so it was a perfect game to play. He got soaked and muddy from head to toe! We went with my cousins to the park and had a picnic last night. The guys road their bikes over and went riding afterwards. Eli had a great time playing with Granny and actually threw a ball back and forth with a little boy a few months older than him for a long time. After Eli went to sleep, the guys went and got us cherry limades and we hung out on the porch talking! Great night! My mom brought down a ton of perenniels and flower seeds from her garden to fill in some spots in our front yard, which is all a flower garden. I'm loving this weather!

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Louise said...

I take full credit for introducing ELi to puddle swimming! Granny is fun!