Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rocking the World ;-)

We have officially released our CD "One More Song" with a concert last night at our church. We had a great turnout and sold around 100 cds. It was a really fun show, and everyone in the crowd seemed to have a great time and really enjoyed the music. A ton of people had us signing their cds, which always feels weird to me, but I guess I should get over my embarrassment! My mom, and Amy Racchini baked a ton of cookies that everyone enjoyed and we had a big free coffee bar with like 7 different choices. Everything went perfectly! A big storm started right as we got playing and you could see flashes of lighting constantly through the windows, so we had an extra light show! As soon as I get some pictures back I'll be sure to post some! Hard copy cds are available for purchase off of our website now: and Digital downloads of the album are available on:,,,, Itunes, and Napster.

Yesterday morning we had to be at the church for a few hours setting up, and I was worried how Eli would do without me (considering he usually screams his head off), but it seems that he is perfectly fine without me as long as he is with my family or Brandon's family. God I wish they lived here! He had an absolute BLAST having both our families here. He was showered in attention and was constantly showing off. Brandon's mom stayed home with Eli from the concert while he slept, so she could spend time with him, which was a huge relief for me not to have to worry about him. I guess when both our moms were doing the bed time routine with him he kept pointing to what was next...he would point to his toothbrush, his book, etc. I guess they were cracking up. He even started pointing to his crib after his book until they put him in there. So funny! It was a wonderful weekend! I am finding success with coloring. He points up to his crayons several times a day wanting to color...SCORE! He also is trying to say "purple" and "please". We have been working on putting different colored objects on this color mat he has, and he's pretty accurate when it comes to blue, purple, and green. Whereas, yellow, orange, and red need some work! I'm looking forward to wonderfully warm weather from here on out. The forecast for the next two weeks is above 70 and some 80s. I'm looking forward to transplanting some flowers from my mom into our front yard (which is all garden) in some spots that were damaged when we had a sprinkler system put in. Oh, how I love outdoor projects!

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