Thursday, April 2, 2009

California dreaming

We made it! The first flight was a little rough as we were figuring things out, and Eli cried/whined a bit. The second flight he was so tired he zonked out immediately and slept half the flight. With snacks, toys, and books we were able to keep him entertained for the 2 hours flight without a peep! Of course Santa Barbara was beautiful the second we stepped off the plane, and we were so thrilled to have survived plane rides with a toddler! The weather was beautiful. We checked into our hotel, and while I took a nap Brandon took Eli on a walk to the salt marshes enjoying the flowers, fish, and birds. The beach is a couple blocks from our hotel, so we took Eli for a quick run there before bed. He was intrigued. He definitely ate the sand....there was no stopping it because he got some on his hand. Today we are going to take some more walks in the adorable area by the beach with shops and surf shops. We'll go to my aunt's house tonight for a barbecue and enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean from their house.

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