Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eli and I got to break out the shorts yesterday! It actually got like 85! Eli was watching Rica and laughing hysterically, and I realized he'd never seen her pant with her tongue out before. He seriously stood there laughing at her after our walk for a really long time. Eli is finally transitioning from two naps to one long mid day nap. I am SO excited! I hated being stuck at home all day because of naps. Before, I could only go out right at noon in between his two naps (which is rush hour and crazy everywhere), but now I have all morning to run errands and can go again after his nap if needed. I love it! We have just had a great week this week with weaning. Yesterday he only nursed morning, noon, and night. Trust me, that is an improvement. It was just like it clicked and he's finally ready. I'm so excited! Brandon took Eli to the park while I went annuals shopping. I got Wave Petunias, Red Salvia, and Cosmos. I added some zucchini and yellow squash to the garden as well. I bought Eli a little blow up pool to play in this summer and ordered a sand box. I wanted a natural looking one that would blend in with our flower gardens etc. in the back yard. This was the best looking one I could find! He's going to love the little pool. Yesterday he played with a bucket of water (and got soaked of course) for a really long time and had a blast splashing and throwing stuff in the water.

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