Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rain Rain go away!

Brandon stayed home from work yesterday and cleaned up the mess left over from 6 inches of rain in one night! He ripped out the carpet in the basement family room area (luckily the guest bedroom carpet was fine) and threw that and the padding away. He got all the nails etc up and got fans running on the concrete to dry everything out. Today it's dry finally. We're just going to extend the tile that's already in most of the basement out into the family room. Basements were not meant to have carpet (we knew this was inevitable when we bought the house)! I'm already missing the family room downstairs...it's a good distraction for Eli when he wants to nurse. Oh well, we have a contractor coming today to give a proposal, so hopefully we can get it taken care of soon. Eli is trying to say new things every day. This week he's started mimicking a cat's meow. If you ask him what a cat says he'll make this extremely high pitched sound with his lips pressed together. He got his 8th tooth in the past couple days. Poor guy. It is NOT fun having two teeth come in at one time. He's never had two come in together like this. He has been extremely whiny and difficult. Things have been better today. He spends a lot of time trying to chew everything in sight. The mesh feeder filled with chopped ice has been a life saver. It really is the only thing that gives him instant relief. I'm really looking forward to these two little bottom teeth finishing up their torture!

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