Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We're Home!

We arrived home late last night from Santa Barbara. Eli is so tired he's still sleeping and on California time, so it's going to be interesting to try to adjust back. We had a marvelous trip and both Brandon and I were so sad to leave. We felt like we could have stayed through the week easily. Eli was a total trooper on this trip. He adjusted well to everything. Of course he had his whiny moments, but overall it was awesome! By the end of the trip he absolutely loved the beach and the ocean. He loved the waves washing over his feet and legs. We flew a kite on the beach, which he enjoyed as well. We came at a perfect time to see the seals and sea lions in a cove at the beach with all their babies. It was so fun to watch them swimming and nursing their pups. We enjoyed watching 8 dolphins swim right in front of us at the beach, as well. Brandon and Will went whale watching on a sail boat, but it was so windy they didn't see much besides seals, dolphins, etc. It was so wavy they actually almost went overboard a couple times and had a blast! My aunt and uncle were so nice in letting us use their house for naps because they live on the side of a mountain overlooking Santa Barbara and the ocean. We were able to relax with our family and enjoy the beautiful views. We got to visit with my cousins and grandparents. It was wonderful to see everyone and we appreciated Megan and Bob making the drive down from San Francisco to visit and my cousin Meredith up from L.A. More details to follow!

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