Thursday, April 9, 2009


We took Rica to the groomer last night because it's finally getting warm enough for her to have a schnauzer cut and not her fuzzy winter coat. I could not stop laughing when I got her "report card". First of all, I always take her to Petsmart and they've never even given me a report card before. They just always tell me how horrible she is. This report card had A through F. You can guess which one Rica got....F! Next to the F it said, "I was a Little Devil, but my groomer still loves me." I guess I shouldn't think it's funny, but I do. Eli also got a short hair cut yesterday. His shaggy do was just getting too long. He did so well! I was armed with books and snacks and kept him busy. He didn't even mind the buzzers. We just would warn him saying she was going to "tickle" him. They were impressed, and I was so proud of him. He looks so much older and more like a little boy. It almost makes me sad. Rebecca and Joel came up for Easter weekend. It's so great to see them since they didn't make it to Santa Barbara. Nothing like a fire on your plane to ruin the trip! Eli was happy to see them and chased their dogs around like crazy. My cousin Sam lives like a block away from us, so they are going to hang out there after Eli goes to bed each night. We had some funky weather this evening. Brandon and I had both commented that things were looking a little weird. I decided to take a nice relaxing bath and read a magazine...I was so excited. I literally get in and am in there for like a minute and the tornado alarm goes on and it starts hailing. I yelled for Brandon to take Eli to the basement (which he already was), I jump out, pull the drain, throw some clothes on and the alarm goes off immediately and everything came to a stop. What the crap? I knew something was fishy because my own weather radio didn't go off but the city one did (when normally my radio is always a few minutes ahead on storms/tornadoes). So much for my nice relaxing bath. It was kind of funny though. We got Eli's one year pictures back and our family pictures back. I will have my mom scan them next week and I'll put them on here. He looks so cute (of course)! I took Eli to the Christian book store to try to find a book on the Easter story for his Easter basket (all the contents of which I already bought before our trip so I wouldn't be stressed out). I was appalled that I couldn't find ONE single kids book on the death and resurrection of Christ. I know it's kind of a gruesome tale (but what bible story isn't...Noah's Ark where God kills everyone on earth, Daniel in the lions den, Jonah getting swallowed by a whale, David and Goliath etc.). I settled with a flap book of Noah's ark and an awesome story about Elijah and the Widow for Eli when he's older. Of course any book about the prophet Elijah I HAVE to have!

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