Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I'm a Democrat....

I know this is a strange blog, but I always feel, as a Christian, that I'm having to defend why I'm a Democrat. I always considered myself a Republican growing up, mainly because I lived in an extremely conservative town in an extremely conservative state...I didn't know any different. When I actually researched the parties, I realized the only thing I agreed with on the Republican side is the issue of abortion. I wish more Christians would join the democratic party because then we might be able to be influential on the issue of abortion. There are democrats who are pro-life, and so I am able to try and vote them in during the primaries. I don't necessarily vote along party lines. I try to vote for who I think would do the best job. Unfortunately last election I voted for Bush because I thought Kerry was scum, and considering Bush has done a horrible job I wish there had been a better candidate. Here is why I'm a democrat; all these views basically line up with the general party beliefs:

1. Minimum wage: I believe in a higher minimum wage, with regular increases
2. Renewable Energy/Oil: I believe in programs to develop more wind energy and "clean coal" programs and am against tax cuts/incentives for oil companies
3. Taxes/Health Care: I do not agree in tax cuts for the wealthy, and am for higher taxes to go towards more social services in helping the poor. I am for universal health care. I recognize the downfalls, but still support it.
4. Environment: I believe that God has given us this earth and we shouldn't trash and ruin his creation. I don't care whether you think Global Warming is real or not...the fact is we need to take care and preserve the environment. All the things that they think are contributing to global warming are bad anyway, so we need to find solutions and all do our part. I like this quote," "the climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity."
5. Reproductive Rights: Like I said, I am against abortion (pro-life)..BUT...I do not agree with the Republicans on contraceptive and sex education. I think an abstinence only education is completely unrealistic and will end up increasing abortions. I think abstinence should be taught as the best choice (the one I chose for myself), but that birth control should be readily available to those who are going to be sexually active anyway. I agree with the Democratic Party on the use of birth control, education, and adoption incentives to attempt to decrease abortions. I think Republicans have good intentions, but don't really intend to ever do much about it. I think they use it as a platform to gain votes.
6. Stem Cell Research: I am for Stem Cell Research of already discarded/donated embryos, but I am against cloning.
7. Iraq: I am against the war in Iraq (have been from the beginning...I made a protest sign in high school :-)). Of course, anyone will admit some good has come from it (Saddam out of power etc.) I generally am opposed to war unless it is the only option. I was not against going after Bin Laden, and think that should have been our main focus.
8. Torture: I am totally against torture. I think water boarding IS torture!
9. Gun Control: I am for gun control. I am not opposed to someone owning a gun, but think there should be much stricter requirements.
10. Education: I think that there should be low-cost, publicly funded, college education. It should be available to all students, and there should be a lot of assistance (Pell Grant...etc) available. Thanks to Bush I am paying off more student loans b/c he took away the Pell Grant after one year of college.
11. Death Penalty: I am against capital punishment. I don't think any of us have the right to take someone else's life...I think that should be for God to decide. Plus, it costs the taxpayer a lot more than the criminal just spending life in prison.

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