Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Standing and cruising....

Eli is so obsessed with standing that is really hard for us to get him to sit at times. He loves to stand on his own holding on to whatever he can get his little hands on. He even lets go sometimes and is able to balance for a little bit. He always looks up at me smiling when he gets to walk holding onto our fingers and likes to dive into me to "wrestle" when he makes it to me. My back was hurting the other day from holding my hands/arms mid air spotting him all day. It's really hard to keep him from hurting himself. I have a feeling we're going to be dealing with a lot of bumps, cuts, and bruises here soon. If he figures out how to pull himself up to stuff it's ALL over! Rica is Eli's best friend in the world! She actually likes him and plays with him all the time. She even brings him her's so funny. I'm constantly kicking her nasty squirrels away from him before he can snatch them away. He's SO happy to see Rica every morning and army crawls after her all day long. She has totally surprised me as far as not reacting when he grabs her legs or face. Elijah will grab her leg and I of course give him the "be gentle" lecture and then Rica just stands there waiting for him to grab her she must secretly like it. He swats at her face and she thinks it's a fun game. Don't worry, I'm always right there making sure nothing bad happens. My mom gave us this cute book that has a bunch of pictures of messy babies and clean babies. Eli likes to give them lots of kisses! Please pray for Brandon's back. He's having some bad pain today from his degenerative disc. It's not as bad as in the past, but still painful and frustrating for him.

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